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FirstStep Pavement Management

YOUR Pavement Management Plan


Place ENOUGH of the Right Treatments on the Right Roads!




Street and Roadway Inventory

The FirstStep is to know What You Have.    How many miles of streets and roadways does your department maintain?

Condition & Distress Patrol

Visual, Non-Destructive Patrol of all of your Pavement Assets


Data-Based Decisions

Once you know WHAT you have and the Conditions of What you have, you can make Data-Based Decisions

What people are saying


"Cannot Manage what you Cannot Measure."
Judge Doug Erwin, Lonoke County, Arkansas

"We can do More with the same amount."
LOGO-AR Sebastian County
Jim Carter, Sebastian County Road & Bridge
"Without it I Lose My Eyes!"
LOGO-AR Pulaski County
Barbara Richard, Public Works Director, Pulaski County Road & Bridge

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